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1. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(4)/Fin.(Rev.-1)/2016-17/DS-VI/238, DATED 25-07-2016 View
2. NOTIFICATION NO. F.14(12)/LA-2016/cons2law/77-86, DATED 05-07-2016 View
3. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(643)/Policy/VAT/2016/419-31, DATED 01-07-2016 View
4. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(671)/Policy/VAT/2016/251-63 DATED 19-05-2016 View
5. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/113-125 DATED 28-04-2016 View
6. NOTIFICATION NO. 02/2016 DATED 08-04-2016 View
7. NOTIFICATION NO. F3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/1437-47 DATED 11-02-2016 View
8. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/1424-36 DATED 11-02-2016 View
9. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(352)Policy/VAT/2013/1210-21 DATED 31-12-2015 View
10. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(25)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/954 DATED 18-12-2015 View
11. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(352)/Policy/VAT/2013/1062-73 DATED 23-11-2015 View
12. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(23)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/914 DATED 16-11-2015 View
13. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(22)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/913 DATED 16-11-2015 View
14. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(515)/Policy/VAT/2015/1003-1014 DATED 12-11-2015 View
15. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(21)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/907 DATED 12-11-2015 View
16. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(20)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/906 DATED 12-11-2015 View
17. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(19)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-16/DS-VI/901 DATED 06-11-2015 View
18. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(18)/Fin(Rev-1)/ 2015-2016/dsvi/886 DATED 30-10-2015 View
19. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(352)/Policy/VAT/2013/929-40 DATED 21-10-2015 View
20. NOTIFICATION NO. F.3(515)/Policy/VAT/2015/870-81 DATED 12-10-2015 View
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